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Modern Décor by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris has been based on a firm commitment to the design of buildings of economy, elegance, and delight, from the founders earliest collaboration at university to now, more than 30 years later: buildings that reflect a continuing belief in the ability of outstanding architecture to last through time; buildings whose success is defined not just by the use for which they were commissioned, but by their ability to adapt to different uses combining the best modern décor possible. Buildings that aspire to provide a good and permanent contribution to the city surrounding them; buildings that serve as the backdrop to the city and the theatre of daily life, but can also be outstanding in and of themselves.

Modern decór from AHMM

As a result, the practice’s main focus has been on the design of daily buildings with the greatest modern décor in the city. They believe that such structures can be made outstanding via clever design and competent methodology.

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Best Interior Designers from United Kingdom

Modern decór: AHMM

Next you have some examples of their stunning projects with the best modern décor!

61 Oxford Street

Oxford Street outside view with modern décor

By carefully replacing some notable local buildings with a conspicuous corner beacon, 61 Oxford Street aspires to harmonise the diverse architectural styles that currently characterise east Oxford Street. The scheme zero in on the area’s one and only shared material quality, glass, and references to the historical milieu of expressive glazed shopfronts, with its focus on glass – the surface of choice for retailers.

Living room with modern décor

Neutral living room with modern décor makes this a stunning space on the house, and we can’t forget that living rooms are the heart of the house!

unique living room interiors


Modern décor coffee shop

Osteria replaces a chain coffee shop with a neighbourhood Italian eatery on a prominent corner of the Nichols Hills Plaza.

Modern Décor coffee shop

The restaurant’s strategy of combining true Italian techniques with local foods was the inspiration for AHMM’s design, which features an Italian-inspired palette with an Oklahoma touch.

Modern décor coffee shop

The guest enters the pleasant, introverted interior with its focus on the bar and wood-fired pizza oven after passing through a series of threshold moments, from the cypress screen of the patio to the bottle-lined lobby.

Inspired by the look

modern décor
modern décor coffee shop

Modern décor like the warm wood, leather, and bronze finishes, along with the dim lighting, create a place that is both expansive and intimate, elegant and welcoming.

new sofas

The Nova

living room with modern décor

The Nova is a 66,000 square foot retrofit scheme that restores the historic Chevrolet Motor Company Building and a neighbouring structure to provide spacious downtown loft apartments, secure parking, retail space and a rooftop urban greenhouse.

living room with modern decor

In every piece of modern furniture in this space, you can see the detail and the stunning look that creates this living room, making it unique with the perfect modern décor!

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Written by Ana Coelho

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