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The Right Chandelier to rock your Hotel Project

How important is light in your hotel interior design project? The truth is that you can elevate your Hotel Lighting Design by only adding the right chandelier.

Lighting is essential for any project, especially when it comes to types of lighting in hotels. One can transform the entire atmosphere of your hotel interior design with th6e proper use of lighting.


Lighting is very important to maintain a balance between personality and the functionality of any hotel room. In this hotel room lighting fixture we can see how the sputnik chandelier adds a refined and personalized touch to the whole space, playing also an important functional role in illuminating important task areas in the hotel room.

The Right Chandelier to rock your Hotel Project

The hotel lobby area one of the major parts of any hotel interior design project since is where the guest and visitors get the first impression of the property If your hotel lobby  is large with different zone such as a lounging area, the only thing we paid attention when we saw this space was who this chandelier elevated the hotel lighting design of the lobby area!

The right chandelier to rock your hotel project

The bulbs are also an important choice you should have into consideration while choosing the right lighting to your designIt is best to buy energy bulbs that can be dimmed easily to create an atmosphere of warmth and change the mood of the hotel interior design project when you wish. This hotel lighting trend features 20 lampshades, all of them handmade in brass, with perforated details on the top, and it is ideal to create the perfect atmosphere.

The right chandelier to rock your hotel project

Most hotel interior design project had the upholstered as a main important part of the interior design, but they often forget the importance of lighting. For a good design, it is important to use a different kind of lights and at different levels that work together to create the perfect ambience. Here you can see how the combination of lights can provide the ultimate hotel room lighting atmosphere.

The Right Chandelier to rock your Hotel Project

The hotel lighting design should also allow you to accommodate different atmosphere and that take place. That’s why the design of your chandelier is essential. Bad lighting design can make your hotel interior design look old-fashioned and unattractive.

The right chandelier to rock your hotel project

Use lighting design to properly lit special places or enrichment a special piece of your hotel interior design project, in order to use spotlights to bring attention to them, just like in this lovely lobby with the architectonic chandelier.

The Right Chandelier to rock your Hotel Project

Above all, your hotel lighting design should be in accordance with the right personality of your hotel brand style. If the hotel interior design what to inspire an old-fashion classic style then a mid-century lamp is the ideal statement piece to centralize any atmosphere and transform everything around it. The perfect piece to an exclusive ambience. Otherwise, if your hotel design brand what to inspire a more industrial and technologic atmosphere, is more viable a hotel lighting trends style.

The Right Chandelier to rock your Hotel Project


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