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iSaloni presents the fourth campaign poster by Emiliano Ponzi

iSaloni is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Since 1961, this has been Milan’s major interior design expo. The Salone del Mobile’s mission is to promote the greatest furniture solutions, and the iSaloni Fair brings together over 2 000 exhibitors to showcase their amazing goods for the best high-end contemporary living. the fourth communication campaign poster has already been unveiled by Salone del mobile and we will give you an insight into its meaning.


Fourth campaign poster by Emiliano Ponzi

The Salone del Mobile follows the posters devoted to the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Milano and Emiliano Ponzi have released the fourth illustration, which is themed around the 1990s. The award-winning Italian illustrator has brought the Salone del Mobile of the 1990s to life, paying homage to La Scala, the temple of opera and a symbol of Milan.

iSaloni fourth campaign poster
Courtesy of Salone del Mobile.Milano

Emiliano Ponzi’s fourth poster focuses on La Scala, a temple to opera and one of Milan’s most significant locations, chosen to echo the variety of city-based cultural performances encouraged by the Salone del Mobile in the spirit of great openness to the exchange and circulation of ideas and creativity.

Emiliano Ponzi isaloni 2022
Emiliano Ponzi

The design includes crisp chiaroscuro ornamentation on the stage’s edges, a simplified curtain to provide a place for the backdrop, painted with a natural environment, and the spotlight that frames the ballerina who, dancing, jumping, and hovering, transports us from the real world into a magical space. The number 60, which represents Salone’s 60th anniversary, blends with the theatre’s logo. The dominant colour is red, with only one white space: the light reflected on the ballerina’s tutu.

third campaign poster isaloni
Courtesy of Salone del mobile.Milano

This poster also has a disruptive element. Unlike standard public relations initiatives, the film incorporates augmented reality. Scanning the QR code on the image brings it to life, making it no longer static and two-dimensional but rather moving.

isaloni campaign poster
courtesy of Salone del mobile.Milano

This poster also contains a disturbing element. Unlike standard public relations initiatives, the film incorporates augmented reality. Scanning the QR code on the image brings it to life, transforming it from static and two-dimensional to moving.

isaloni 2022

Massimo Vignelli created the guidebook for the coordinated Salone del Mobile image in 1994, for which he received the Golden Compass Award in 1998. In the same year, Marva Griffin Wilshire founded SaloneSatellite, which was responsible for the debut and successful launch of various emerging Italian and worldwide design stars.

isaloni 2022
Courtesy of Salone del Mobile

SaloneSatellite serves as a “launchpad” for recent graduates and young professionals under 35, allowing them to exhibit their work, as well as a point of reference for firms looking for future talent, allowing them to witness fresh ideas and creative ways to design for themselves.

salone del mobile 2022

The ballerina miraculously transforms into an exquisite, graceful swan with a leap, before fanning her wings and leaving the stage, creating an element of surprise and poetry. Alkanoids, a Milanese creative firm specialising in motion graphics, 2D/3D animation, and filmmaking, created the digital portion of the image once again.


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