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Serip – Nature Inspired Organic Lighting

Serip was founded in 1961 by Mário J Pires, who started to produce chandeliers, using only glass and brass. At this early stage, the company assumed a very classic concept.

In 1978, the company saw itself committed to change their installations due to the success they managed to achieve. Serip created the halogen cup chandelier – their first organic style product; their clients did not receive this product well back then, so the company started to explore international markets, participating in its first trade show.

Serip - Nature Inspired Organic Lighting

Serip launched the “Catalogue Nature of Light“, in 2001, which contained collections inspired by nature with flowers and tree names – after this, the company introduced the organic concept which would prevail until now.

The shifting moment for Serip was the release of the “Mysterious” catalogue in 2008 – it helped set the company apart from others. making it differentiate the product from what has been done in the market so far. The dramatic and theatrical presentation of their products in this catalogue which were based on the romantic Sintra’s scenery had a huge acceptance by their clients.

Serip - Nature Inspired Organic Lighting

Serip’s design concept consists of nature-inspired organic shapes. The round, spiral, non-proportional and uneven forms set Serip’s design apart as exclusive and immediately defined as “Organic Lighting”.

Serip - Nature Inspired Organic Lighting
Serip - Nature Inspired Organic Lighting
Serip´s passion for lighting and search for design innovation provides a unique point of view in today´s massified decoration market. Due to the almost entire absence of mechanic elements in the production process, and the increasing human touch, there are never two exact items. Every produced item is a singular and unique work of art.
Serip - Nature Inspired Organic Lighting
Serip - Nature Inspired Organic Lighting
In a present world mainly focused in symmetry, standard and monotony – as a result of the industrial and mechanic production -, Serip responds with concepts such as difference, uneven, unique and contrast, like nature´s powerful distinguished elements.

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