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Purilighting – Illuminating the World from Beijing

Purilighting was established in 2010, in Beijing, China, and it is a professional consulting company specialised in light environment, serving in many lighting professional fields such as architectural lighting design, indoor lighting design, landscape lighting design, urban lighting design, and providing professional light environment consulting services to customers.

Purilighting was created on the idea of creating a high-grade light environment and has won many international and domestic lighting design awards such as Asian Lighting Design and China Lighting Design Award.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Luneng Jinshitan Hilton, Dalian (Won the First Prize of 2019 China Lighting Engineering Award)

The extraordinary style of Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Hilton Resort Hotel is not only due to its superior geographical location but also due to its exquisite design. Whether it is day or night, the noble atmosphere presented by nature allows customers to enjoy the courtesy of European court aristocrats in private.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Zhongxun Time Square, Chongqing (Won the Second Prize of 2017 China Lighting Engineering Award)

In the podium position, Purilighting wanted to highlight Chongqing’s “mountain”. Chongqing belongs to a mountain city, and the city is full of stairs. The podium building is shaped like a stepped arc, and the implication of the architect is to show the landform of Chongqing mountain city.

In the tower position, the company wanted to highlight Chongqing’s “water”. Chongqing is the junction of Jialing River and Yangtze River. Purilighting used small projection lights to create the effect of “water drops”.

These “water drops” are arranged on the facade of the tower in an arc shape, and can form changes of running water or rhythmic changes of beating in coordination with the setting of the control system.

At night, the whole building looks glittering and translucent. The water-drop lamps of the tower interact with the line lamps of the podium and the inner light transmission behind the perforated plate.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Xijin Time Square, Jinan

The Xijin Times Center, which is close to the hub of the West Railway Station, is located to the west of Qilu Avenue and between No.10 Road and Yantai Road. It is the commercial coordinate of the new western city and the leader of the headquarters base of the new western city.

Because of its rich and complicated surrounding formats, it has landmark buildings, where light and shadow flow at night. It is the soul of lighting design interpretation to make the centre of the westward movement stand out from many modern lighting visual focuses and become an office building model representing modern metropolis culture.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Kerry Center, Beijing (Won 2015 China Lighting Design Outdoor Award / 2015 Asian Lighting Design Award)

As the leader of CBD Central Business District, the avant-garde architectural style and breakthrough facade material of Beijing Kerry Center, which was completed in 1998, achieved a bold breakthrough, forming a sharp contrast with the more conservative buildings around at that time, and became a landmark project at the time.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Rongqiao Holiday Inn Hotel, Tianjin

Tianjin Rongqiao suite holiday inn is located in the heart of Nankai district, the hotel has unique geographical advantages, walking to the most prosperous business district and famous tourist resort, adjacent to the Haiguang temple business circle, close to the financial centre, one hundred years of famous schools stand shoulder to shoulder.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Sino-Ocean Wuli, Beijing

The Wuli Chunqiu Fan-Culture and Art Center Experience Area is located in Shijingshan around Beijing, near the spectacular Western Hills. It is a sales experience area with the function of a cultural centre at the foot of the Western Hills. The architect drew lessons from the heritage and inspiration of Xishan Mountain and put forward a new definition for the experience place of the home in the contemporary Chinese metropolis.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Multi-Media Platform of the People’s Daily (Won the First Prize of 2017 China Lighting Engineering Award)

This project won the first prize in the indoor group of the 12th “China Illumination Award” organised by the China Illuminating Engineering Society. The “China Illumination Award” is the only science and technology award in China’s lighting field officially approved by the National Science and Technology Award Office.

It aims to award enterprises, institutions and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to scientific research, technological innovation, popularisation and application of achievements, the industrialisation of high and new technologies, implementation of lighting projects and popular science education in the lighting field at home and abroad.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Cours Et Pavillons, Beijing (Won the Second Prize of 2015 China Lighting Engineering Award)

Weijia Hutong is located in the west of Dongcheng District. It starts from Dongsibei Street in the east and ends in Nanjianzi Hutong in the west. It connects with Jixiang Hutong in the south and connects with the new Wangwei Alley in the north.

It is said that a government official surnamed Wei lived here and that is the reason why the Hutong was named Weijia Hutong. In the Ming Dynasty, it belonged to Renshou Lane. Because the Hutong was located in the city centre, it was the place where the emperor’s accompanied army left Jinwuwei was stationed and it was then called Wei Hutong. It was called Weijia Hutong in the Qing Dynasty.

Beijing Ancient City and Old Courtyard Hotel is a new-style boutique hotel consisting of quadrangle dwellings, which combines the “Chinese quadrangle dwelling environment + western living experience”.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Redtree Club, Beijing

The leisure club is located on the top floor of Beijing Zitan Building. The overall design is in the form of Chinese style. Gensler, the world’s number one architect, is responsible for the interior design.

The overall interior design style is clear, highlighting the noble and elegant qualities. The landscapes and red sandalwood are full of the distant artistic conception of tranquillity and meditation, and people can feel the poetic beauty of silence in the artistic space when walking around.

Purilighting - Illuminating the World from Beijing
Bingyi Artistic Work – “Time Tower”, Nanjing

As one of the core projects of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Lantern Show, the idea of ​​the Time Tower comes from the long poem of contemporary artist Bing Yi in 2019. The building was designed by architect Zhu Xiaodi. Its vertical and horizontal planes have a total of 28 linkages of giant screens.

Now it is the only “light building” taking light and information flow as the carrier, and it is also a Chinese-style multimedia building that collects the characteristics of various buildings such as pavilions, terraces, buildings, and towers. It is also a comprehensive stage with large functions and architectural attributes,such as exhibitions, shows, and broadcasts.

The creative team has made in-depth research in the lighting field design with rich lighting design work experience, and have tacit cooperation with relevant professional teams. Real estate companies, commercial groups, hotel management companies, design units and government agencies have worked with Purilighting.




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