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Licht Licht – Lighting Studio From Berlin

​The studio was founded in 1998 by Jan Dinnebier. After working as an architect he came back to the field of his father’s practice. studio dinnebier operates under the brand name Licht Licht with a team of architects, lighting and product designers.

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Licht Licht - Lighting Studio From Berlin
Licht Licht – Palace of Peace
The pyramidal building, built-in 2005 – 2006 in Astana by Foster + Partners in cooperation with Tabanlioglu Architects, was conceived as an international centre for religious understanding. In addition to the representation of all the world’s faiths, the Palace houses an opera house with 1,500 seats, a university of cultural sciences and a national centre for Kazakhstan’s diverse ethnic and geographic population.
The building is arranged around a central atrium with an inclined glazed interior facade, which is invigorated by the sun rays that are incident from above. The glazing, printed with dots on the inner side, serves as a reflection surface for an indirect daylight-like artificial lighting of the room. For the ring-shaped plenary hall, it has been designed a ring-shaped candelabrum where lighting and technical devices are stored and it illuminates the coloured glass pyramid tip. The light planning included all representative areas including the foyer, the opera, the atrium, the plenary hall and the exterior of the building.
Licht Licht – Zeppelin University Campus
The new main campus of the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen close to the former barracks site, built from 2010 until 2015, was planned by AS IF Architekten. It is a concept of rooms which are translating the methodical approaches of the university into built structures.
This building complex includes all functional elements of the university: Rooms for lectures and administration, library, canteen and auditorium, a space for art exhibitions as well as diverse open spaces. The lighting design concept for this complex building focuses on simplicity. The seminar rooms, offices and the circulation area which can be transformed into temporary seminar rooms in the new building are illuminated by industrial linear luminaries. Their arrangement is following the geometry of the building. 
Licht Licht – Lichtfeld Senate
In 1999 an apartment building of the Charité was inexpensively converted to a small state representation for Berlin. The former living rooms were combined to a generous series of boardrooms. Numerous translucent light objects made of Scobalit are defining a ceiling field floating in the space which is linking the three connected rooms. The usage of various luminary types is enabling a variety of possible lighting situations such as festive lighting as well as lighting for conferences and seminars. 

The collaboration with ambitious architects, project developers and exhibition designers has led to the realisation of numerous projects in Germany, Turkey and many other countries.

Starting from museum projects the studio has worked on all types of programs offering the full scope of works as well as conventional, design or technical support and the construction of custom fixtures or entire ceiling systems, as well as light objects or the collaboration with artists in the field of lighting.

Licht Licht – Akira Ikeda Gallery
The space of the Japanese art gallery Ikeda is located in the area of the Pfefferberg; a former brewery. The rebuild was supervised by the architectural office, Faber Krebs.
The lighting design concept is highlighting the curved valued ceiling of the 6.5m high rooms. Underneath the secondary beams of the vaulted ceiling, continuous steel profiles were mounted in which the lighting is being integrated. The folded profiles have the same width and finishing as the main beams.
Alternating the profiles are equipped with two bowl-reflector incandescent light-bulbs or two fluorescent tubes on each side of the beam. The fluorescent tubes and the light-bulbs can be switched and dimmed separately.  
Licht Licht – Doberaner Platz
At the beginning of 2004, the competition for the reconstruction of the Doberaner Platz in the Hanseatic city of Rostock was won in collaboration with the landscape architects Staubach and Söhne (Berlin). The main concept was to calm and tidy the appearance of the inner city.
Licht Licht – Radisson Iveria
Hotel Iveria, the landmark of the international style in Tbilisi Georgia has been transformed by Graft Architekten into a 5-star hotel with 249 rooms. The lighting design clearly refers to Graft´s architecture and creates a nice atmosphere. Recessed luminaries have been used and site-specific lighting installations developed together with the architectural team.

In addition to lighting design, the studio designs and develops new products for luminary and component manufacturers. From 2007 till May 2016 Jan Blieske has been a partner of the studio. The collaboration between Jan Dinnebier and Jan Blieske had led to develop successful products like FlatBoxLED Series and the hidden Intrac adapter.

Licht Licht – Technik Museum
The facade lighting of the museum of engineering in Berlin is oriented on the appearance to the outside. The lighting installation is using the large, already installed glare protection as an advertising system.
Coloured LED light is highlighting various motives on the backside of the shading gauze. Similar to the transport of light in fibre optics, the coloured light is creating a separation of overlaid information, creating separated images.
Licht Licht – Danfoss Museum
Danfoss Universe is the museum of engineering for the Danish engineering company Danfoss. It was opened in Summer 2005 on the Danish Island Alsen. The exhibition is divided into two main themes: the replica of forces of nature and the playful imparting of basic physical principals. The forces of nature are exhibited in the Icelandic Expo-Pavillon, the “Blue Cube”.
Licht Licht – School IDV
The new building of the advanced school IDV Berlin is creating a neutral background for the flexible design of room atmosphere in its courtyard. Slide projectors which are integrated into the wall are projecting various motives onto the balustrade of matt glass. The moody lighting can change the character of the room depending on the projected motives. 
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A concentrated study of the project is the base, sketches, drawings, animations and calculations, as well as experiments, tests and models. The outcome is high-quality lighting, often in precise architectural details or with expressing architectural solutions or sometimes even a new product of industrial design. Light is visible, experienceable, provocative, dynamic. Light tells about the architecture as much as materials and proportions.

Licht Licht – Museum of Natural Study
In the process of the remediation of the Museum of Natural Study its central halls got a new permanent exhibition. The spectacular exhibits are staged in a new way. On top of that, they are supported by a comprehensive usage of new media which was unique and modern for museums by that time.

studio dinnebier understands light as an important part of the architecture and works on the conceptual relationship between light and space, understanding light as shape, colour and atmosphere. As a studio of architects in lighting design, our aim is to make light an integral part of the architectural space. This requires a profound understanding of architecture and close collaboration with the architect and its team.​

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