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10 JBW Interiors and Lights Ideas To Decorate Your Home

JBW Interiors and Lights was founded by the sibling Juergen and Bernd Wagner. They have been working on furniture and high-end interior design in Berlin since 1988. In the beginning, they developed as a manufacturer of elaborate individual pieces, the company has now evolved into a sought-after specialist for private interior design with 30 employees.

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10 JBW Interiors and Lights Ideas To Decorate Your Home

In 1988, JBW Interiors and Lights specialized in the manufacture of high-quality individual pieces. In 1996, the Foundation of Wagner und Wagner GmbH by Juergen and Bernd Wagner had moved to their own workshops in Berlin Zehlendorf. Won the BEWAG Environmental Award for sustainable production and investment in state-of-the-art CNC technology.

JBW INTERIORS AND LIGHTS best interior designers of berlin


JBW Interiors and Lights Ideas

The first interior design division opened in 1999. Then, in 2006 the Foundation of the JBW brand and developed the company’s own lighting collection. Opening of the 1st showroom outside the head office. Later, they opened the lighting shop JBW-Lights in Haus Cumberland in Berlin. After they had their first cooperation with the company RALF SCHMITZ Immobilien.

JBW Interiors and Lights

In 2017, there was the merging of the furniture and lighting divisions to form the new umbrella brand JBW Interiors & Lights.



JBW, interiors, project z living room with a stunning chandelier
Nick Strauß


JBW, interiors and lights, wall lamp in project z
Nick Strauß

Design and planning of JBW with Svetlana Zelinsky of decoration, furnishing, lights, fabrication and assembly.

collected interiors book



JBW, Villa 21, office with a beautiful white, square chandelier, a grey armchair, a black sofa and a glass center table
Nick Strauß und Ken Schluchtmann


Villa 21, JBW dining room with purple armchairs, a circular chandelier, a white dining table and a stunning rug underneath.
Nick Strauß und Ken Schluchtmann

JBW interiors planned and designed the fabrication, assembly, decoration and furnishing, as well as the lighting.




JBW, Moskau office space with in n almost monochromatic with grays and whites, and then a gold center table
Nick Strauß und Alexander Volodin

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Moskau, JBW bathroom with a beautiful white chandelier, a wood theme color
Nick Strauß und Alexander Volodin

This stunning residential project was designed for Cartablanca Moscow. It was designed and planned in cooperation with Deniot Paris.

book living rooms



JBW Interiors MISDROYER BERLIN, living room with a chandelier that matches the center table, a beige sofa and some colorful pillows on talk.
Ken Schluchtmann / Die Photodesigner



JBW, Tel Aviv R15 dining room with a stunning purple chandelier giving a very refreshing look to the kitchen.
JBW Interiors & Light

Together with the Israeli architects, JBW designed this tuning project in Tel Aviv, having benefited from the intercultural exchange. Bright colours, lots of art, discreetly used oriental ornamentation and a largely modern, timeless design.



JBW London living room with a leather brown sofa, a yellow sofa, a wood center table, and beautiful chandelier. This house has a very classic look.
JBW Interiors & Lights


JBW, London bedroom in pink tones, an armchair, and a chandelier
JBW Interiors & Lights

The challenge of this project was to integrate the existing furniture and the client’s love for Lalique products in particular, and Art Deco furniture in general, into the overall classic-modern concept. All lamps are from the VALORE by JBW collection.

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