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Impeccable Imagination – Innovative and Sustainable Design

Impeccable Imagination was founded in 2010 by Ambika Hinduja Macker, works with some of the world’s leading architects to provide design-related infrastructure. Based in Mumbai and Dubai this boutique firm focuses on films, luxury lifestyle, art, sustainable product and interior design.

Impeccable Imagination - Innovative and Sustainable Design

With her past in film, her sights are set on innovative, unique and conscious design of all kinds; where coincidences are non-existential, form follows function and stories of the future are told. Her energy is not limited to her own designs; Ambika also devotes her time to artist representation.

Impeccable Imagination - Innovative and Sustainable DesignWith visionaries like the vibrant Irish artist Joseph Walsh, celebrated British artist Bruce Munro, the mesmeric Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens, Brazilian artist Janaina Mello, and the sensational photographer Nomad Within under her wing, she is set to spread their message along with her own. Her passion for good nutritious food and innovative design has driven her to her latest endeavour Blue Beet.

Impeccable Imagination - Innovative and Sustainable Design


The Dabba Luminaire is a light-art installation that juxtaposes the utilitarian and the esoteric as a means to convey unity and connection. The design explores the interplay between a common, everyday object and the ethereal attributes of light.

Impeccable Imagination - Innovative and Sustainable DesignThe “Dabba”, also known as a ‘tiffin box’, is one of the most commonly used material objects in India to this day. Emerging in the 19th century as a practical solution for storing and transporting individual meals to the working masses, the ‘Dabba’ is a three-tiered metal box that delivers nourishment to employer and employee alike. Its ubiquitous purpose and use bridge the gap between people regardless of status or location, symbolising the oneness of all.

Impeccable Imagination - Innovative and Sustainable DesignLight, throughout the ages and across religious philosophies, has signified the omnipresence of the divine, an energy force that manifests creation and unity. It represents the triumph of wisdom over ignorance, faith and enlightenment emerging from the shadows, good overcoming evil, and hope to cast out despair. Light and darkness are experienced in rhythmic alternation, contingent on each other, and it is within this cosmic dance that light prevails.

Impeccable Imagination - Innovative and Sustainable DesignHarmony is reached between the commonplace and the celestial as the Dabba Luminaire projects three synonyms of the word “Light” in beautiful calligraphy. The limited-edition series includes a version with three words in Arabic, English, and Japanese respectively. Each tier displays one word, chosen for its energetic frequency and capacity to uplift.

Impeccable Imagination - Innovative and Sustainable DesignWhether film production, product design, or space design; practicality and functionality are at the foundation of her work. From there, inspired by the sustainability of nature, Ambika pioneers the depths of her creative ocean and seeks out the stories hidden within.

Impeccable Imagination is the perfect choice for your design project, feel inspired by this sustainable design inspired by nature.

Impeccable Imagination - Innovative and Sustainable Design

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